Definitely, satisfaction of the customers is the ultimate goal for the people at SNS Corporation.

SNS Corporation

Infused with the vision to provide service of the highest scale in the infrastructure industry

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Vision and Mission

Technology is dynamic, is always evolving and throws challenges and SNS Corporation stepped into

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Work Philosophy

SNS Corporation's entire work-philosophy revolves around having the infrastructure products of the highest

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Quality Policy

SNS Corporation's commitment to the quality of its products and services is supreme and unmatched.

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Manufacturing Units

We have 3 top - notch manufacturing units which includes Galvanizing & welding unit, automatic rolling & punching machine, located at Kaala Amb in Himachal Pradesh, Nathupura in Sonepat, & Pune where we carry out all manufacturing operations under strict quality control measure.

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Generating Installed Capacity

A certain inventive alacrity enabled the company to expand its profile in 2010 to solar sector with a solid initiative to manufacture, design and install Module Mounting Structures for different solar companies. The fact that today we hold a market-share of 15% in the Indian solar industry by supplying Module Mounting Structures to companies collectively involved in generating more than 2GWs, highlights the functional and engineering excellence of these products and trust and esteem of the clients.

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Company Management

Ever since SNS Corporation has been formed, people in the Management have been playing a huge role in ascertaining the course of its functions and operations. These people have contained and conveyed the spirit of the company and kept a pulse on its evolution and development right through.

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Our Products



Definitely, satisfaction of the customers is the ultimate goal for the people at SNS Corporation. The company excels in maintaining the responsibility towards quality and providing a top-grade service to its customers. With a clear understanding of their requirements and timely delivery of the service over the years, SNS Corporation has surged ahead of others.

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