What We Do?

Achievements take root in dreams and at SNS Corporation as well our dreams continue to inspire us at a larger canvas. We, going beyond the realms of rise and revenue, always have had a certain degree of responsibility towards the society and the nation working in the infrastructure industry. That is what saw us diversifying ourselves in 2010 into the solar sector. We, more than a business-interest, assimilated solar energy into our scheme of things to fight a bigger national battle against recurrent energy-shortage in our country with coal and other non-renewable energy-sources getting depleted ceaselessly.

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Work Philosophy

SNS Corporation's entire work-philosophy revolves around having the infrastructure products of the highest qualities in its portfolio which satisfy the respective customers to the core. Clients' contentment is the chief accomplishment for the company. With every product creating a definite market-leadership in its segment, the company has continually grown into a non-pareil infrastructure-enterprise determined with a purposive and futuristic approach.

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Integrated facility from Module Mounting Structure to Manufacturing to Installation.




Generating Installed Capacity

A certain inventive alacrity enabled the company to expand its profile in 2010 to solar sector with a solid initiative to manufacture, design and install Module Mounting Structures for different solar companies. The fact that today we hold a market-share of 15% in the Indian solar industry by supplying Module Mounting Structures to companies collectively involved in generating more than 1GWs, highlights the functional and engineering excellence of these products and trust and esteem of the clients.

installed capacity

Other Products

Sub-station Structures for
Power Distribution

A top-tier technological detailing and supremely fitting engineering specificities separate our sub-station structures, erected for Power-distribution, from the rest. We use a range of steel-variants for these structures such as hollow structural steel, wide flange steel and tubular steel structures.

Overhead High-Tension-Wire Base-Support Structures for
Power Transmission

Our technological proficiency also gets demonstrated in Base-Support-Structures which we make for high-tension-wires used for long-distance power-transmission.

Crash Barriers for Highways

SNS Corporation designs and develops best-in-line Crash Barriers set up on both the sides of highways for providing the safety to vehicles from overturning in the ditch or otherwise. Popularly known as Guard-Rail Barriers, these are made of corrugated and galvanized steel-sheets.

Overhead Rail Electrification

SNS Corporation excels in fabrication of high-tensile steel-structures which facilitate installation of power-cables atop railway tracks for the power-supply to the rail-engines.

Tubular & Lattice Towers

Towers facilitating telecom services are getting increasingly erected across the country and we pitch in with a fair bit of infrastructural inputs into erection of these installations by manufacturing an assortment of Tubular and Lattice Towers.

Cable Trays

We also fabricate a variety of Cable Trays for the internal and external safety of cables. Assortment of Cable Trays includes Ladder Cable Trays, Perforated Cable Trays and Wire-ways Cable Trays.

100% Customer Retention

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