About SNS Corporation

Infused with the vision to provide service of the highest scale in the infrastructure industry, SNS Corporation set off on its journey in 2007. Rest assured, it has been an enthrallingly evolving journey replete with varied technological inventions, designs and advancements. Various project-specific tower structures for telecom & transmission companies, structures for sub-stations, towers for transmission-lines, crash barriers for highways, cable trays, step-ladders, earthing conductors, clamps, grills, cold-formed channels, pre-engineered buildings and Module Mounting Structures for solar installations make a bulky portfolio for the company.

With every product, the company has taken major steps and strides in manufacturing, designing and installation and incorporated technical excellence seamlessly. The company has had a vivid goal and a brigade of workers with an unflinching commitment which has ensured its substantial contribution to the country’s industrial output right from the inception. A customer-centric approach and incessant proclivity to upgrade and strict adherence to the quality-norms of international standards have taken the company to higher echelons and into the hearts of the customers. With an efficient and accurate execution of inventions, innovations and plans being its forte, SNS Corporation has been raising the bar of standards everyday as far as the manufacturing operations, cost-effective designing solutions, installation-capability and superiority of varied products are concerned.

A certain inventive alacrity enabled the company to expand its profile in 2010 to solar sector with a solid initiative to manufacture, design and install Module Mounting Structures for different solar companies. The fact that today we hold a market-share of 15% in the Indian solar industry by supplying Module Mounting Structures to companies collectively involved in generating more than 3.5 GWs, highlights the functional and engineering excellence of these products and trust and esteem of the clients.

Every product at SNS Corporation is crafted with the acute customized detailing in two sprawling manufacturing facilities, with all the best-in-class amenities, at Sonipat , Kala Amb & Pune . A team of dedicated people with superlative technical acumen, specialized skills and complete know-how of their respective fields is continuously engaged to come up with better and better products on the base of fully automated rolling machines doing roll-forming, a modern fabrication and welding-unit, a 5-metre-long galvanizing bath, a supremely efficient Bending and Punching Room and a stock-filled and functional tool-room equipped with all the latest lab-testing facilities. Innovational agility, in tandem with these manufacture-centric facilities, enables the company to have apt designing of every solar product and its subsequent installation.

A deep commitment to attain and sustain the highest standards of precision and quality is the bedrock of the company’s functioning. Timely delivery in acquiring clients’ satisfaction is another forte entrenched in SNS Corporation’s curriculum. With a truthful engagement with customers being at the core, the company has always cherished and respected their various precise requirements which is why it prides itself on an overbearing and huge list of clients representing different sectors like Welspun, Acme, Azure, Hero Future Energies, Sterling & Wilson Ltd. etc.


Definitely, satisfaction of the customers is the ultimate goal for the people at SNS Corporation. The company excels in maintaining the responsibility towards quality and providing a top-grade service to its customers. With a clear understanding of their requirements and timely delivery of the service over the years, SNS Corporation has surged ahead of others.