Cable Trays

Our Cable Trays exemplify flexibility and simplicity in wiring system-design and lower installation costs. We manufacture these Cable Trays in a way that makes them naturally adjust to complex cable-arrangements in the easiest of methods and manners.

We create different varieties of Cable Trays:

Ladder Cable Trays

Used for ladder-management in commercial and industrial construction, our Ladder Cable Trays without covers enable a swift air-flow across the cables which facilitates the heat of the cable-conductors to effectually dissipate. The two longitudinal rungs of our Ladder Cable Trays are welded to the side-rails or bolted in some cases. We make sure that moisture doesn’t persist in our Ladder Cable Trays.

Perforated Cable Trays

We make a range of Perforated Cable Trays, depending upon clients’ specifications & site-conditions. Fabricated in mild-steel, our Perforated Cable Trays truly represent top-grade raw materials, supreme durability, efficient designing, easy installation, accommodation of a number of branch-lines and higher load-bearing capacity.


Manufactured to provide easy installation and easy maintenance, our Raceways protect wires and cables from heat, humidity, corrosion, water-intrusion and all kinds of general physical threats.


Frequently used in the support of cable trays and other forms of cable- management, our Unistruts can be used to mount, brace, support and connect wiring, lightweight structural loads in building construction and plumbing or even mechanical equipment such as air conditioning or ventilation systems.


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