SNS Corporation puts in technique and technology of the highest order in manufacturing parts, products and structures of different shapes, sizes and uses in infrastructure industry. While dealing with solar installations, we provide complete solution comprising designing, manufacturing and installing of different Module Mounting Structures. Every product constructed at the company carries the stamp of class and flawlessness and establishes a network on its own. Hence, the name of the company and its products are easily found across the industry-spectrum in the country. Products are many, varied and designed and manufactured for different industrial, commercial, individual and special purposes. The range includes:

Solar Module Mounting Structures

Module Mounting Structures designed, developed and installed by SNS Corporation carry the desired standards of excellence for solar structures which is why they are buzzing in the corridors of most of the solar companies across India. Fully automated rolling machines doing roll-forming, a modern fabrication and welding-unit, a 7-metre-long galvanizing bath and a stock-filled and functional tool-room equipped with all the latest lab-testing facilities enable us to produce these products for even 2MW-plants per day. And not only this, not for once, we compromise on the quality of these products during their development or during their respective installations. Accuracy has become the second name of these structures constructed and crafted at SNS Corporation.

Ground-mounted Structures

We excel in crafting and setting up project-oriented Ground-mounted Structures for different solar installations with Fixed Tilts and Seasonal Tilts. We have a huge set of specific design-development-manufacturing-installation-specifications for Ground-mounted Structures with Fixed Tilts and Seasonal Tilts.

Roof-mounted Structures

We design, manufacture and install Module Mounting Structures for different roof-tops of different sizes and shapes. Our designers come up with a fitting array lay-out for a specific roof which becomes fundamental in producing these roof-mounted products and installing them. We possess loads of experience vis-à-vis complete suitability of Roof-mounted Structures to the specific roofs like RCC, industrial shed etc.

Car-port Structures

Realizing the growing needs of green power, different innovations are being made. And we too are always on the hunt to look for the possibility and space which can support a solar installation. Our pursuit bore result when we started designing, manufacturing and installing Module Mounting Structures for solar installations fixed over car-parking space. Specific to Car-port projects where we use the space over car-parking for solar installations, these structures are facilitating an easy solar power-generation of good scale.

360-degree work

We offer a comprehensive solar energy-solution with a customized touch and an assurance to specificities regarding various Module Mounting Structures.